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RBRA is a duly recognized consulting firm that performs Structural Engineering, Structural Assessment of existing buildings, Structural Retrofitting, and Project Management. We pioneer the design and installation of anti-earthquake technology to ensure the protection of building, its contents, and to give comfort to the occupants during earthquake. The firm is owned and managed by Professional Engineers with outstanding accomplishments in their field of expertise.

Established in August 1997, RBRA aims to uphold the engineering professions by exploring innovative solutions for a better structural performance especially due to earthquakes. We adhere to international standards in the design and installation of anti-seismic devices. To keep up to date with the most innovative technologies, we actively engage with local and international professional organizations that conduct trainings and research on the latest advancements in structural engineering.

Our unique strategy is to optimize the building components to ultimately minimize the construction time, building costs and operations, and maintenance. Using state-of-the-art computer software, we analyze building systems that ensures resiliency to avoid downtime of building operations caused by the natural hazards. For each project, the Principal is directly engaged from Concept to Final Design, and provides assistance to the Client until completion of the project.


To share our talents, to innovate, and to lead in engineering design innovations so we can create safe and sound structures that can protect life, nature, and investments.


To be a globally recognized engineering firm that employs advanced technologies and innovations in Engineering Design and Design Consultancy, and to sustain growth enjoyed by partners and employees


We thank our clients for continuously trusting and supporting us in all our endeavors. It is our commitment to deliver even better service in all our future projects.

Our logo translates to service and sustainability, a symbol of our principles toward a long journey of knowledge. It comprises of Tower, Ellipse, and Green Pyramid which are significant to the company's culture, principles, and objectives.

The Tower signifies our first ever telecom project. Though our expertise lies in the design of malls, high-rise buildings, power plants, and bridges, to name a few, we have chosen the tower because this form is the ultimate symbol of stability, and our company is geared towards achieving that stability.

The Ellipse is a sign of our ingenuity and uniqueness. We serve our clients based on principles, theory, experience, and expertise from our previous achievements. Our firm believes that we can contain and expand knowledge infinitely by sharing through training and education. The Green Pyramid means that we have to abide by the law of nature. We firmly believe that the engineering profession should not destroy nature, but instead protect and sustain its existence. We apply engineering techniques to optimize the construction materials in our design because we believe that all construction materials are processed from nature.

To minimize the amount of construction materials in building construction, we will also translate into the reduction of construction cost and construction time without the prejudice of good quality construction and a sound engineering design.

Ruel B. Ramirez


In our mission to deliver quality service to our clients at all times, everyone at RBRA is committed to the following core values:

We strive to satisfy customer needs with the quality and efficiency of our services. To achieve this, we maintain a customer-service culture.

We deal with reputable suppliers with outstanding service records to ensure the quality of our equipment and supplies, and we encourage our suppliers to continuously improve by providing them with regular feedback.

We maintain the quality of our people by training and developing employees to attain their desired capabilities, skills, and values. Through regular planning, periodic performance evaluation, employee career and development programs, and an Internal Quality Audit Process, we are committed to our employees' continuous growth and improvement.

We provide the following services:

Attaining high quality and consistency demands a systematic and disciplined approach by all employees in all the activities associated with our clients in accordance with the principles of the Quality Management System.

The Quality Manual defines the management responsibility for quality. The principal has the ultimate authority and responsibility for the effectiveness of the Quality Management System. The OMR/DQMR is authorized and is responsible for implementing and maintaining the Quality Management System defined in this Manual and detailed in the Reference Procedures.

All operations shall be carried our as described in the Quality Manual and the Reference Procedures. Deviations from the Process must be first notified to the QMR/DQMR. The Principal shall be responsible for the final approval of all changes to the process prior to implementation.

This statement represents me and our Top Management commitment, on behalf of Ruel B. Ramirez and Associates, to the Quality Policy. It is therefore imperative as part of the organization training program that this policy is clearly understood, implemented, and maintained at all levels in the organization.


Structural Engineering Specialist, StE #99
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
MS in Civil Engineering, Major in Structures
MS in Civil Engineering, Geotechnical (Units)
Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, Major in Structures (Units)
Former Senior Lecturer, College of Civil Engineering, De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines
Assistant Professor, College of Architecture, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines


Melisa R. Ramirez
Civil/Structural Engineer, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
Jonathan M. Zabala
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
Justin Kurt M. Tesiorna
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
Roberto R. Camacho
Bachelor of Science in Architecture
Joren E. Bello
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
Hanna Christie De Jesus
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
Nirmala Suwal
AIT Thailand
Armado S. Calaguas
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering